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Thursday, 07 Apr 2016

Sex, Gore and Playtime: What Does Watching Extreme Videos As a Kid Do to You? Comments by Dr Lindsay Ip

By Private Therapy Clinic

horrified kids watching tvDr Lindsay Ip’s Child Psychologist comments in Vice magazine about the effect on children of watching extreme content online (pornography, violence etc) and what effect, if any, it has long-term on the child’s mental well being. Click here to read the full article. 


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04 Apr 2016

Children being driven to despair as primary pupils under the age of 5 now self-harming

Child psychologist Lindsay Ip, who practises at London’s Private Therapy Clinic, said that self-harm among children under five was tragically no longer rare, adding that modern technology was partly to blame. She said: “Children today are more used to immediate gratification from technology and digital games than active, creative play in the outdoors and connection to humans and nature. “This means they have less time to process and integrate experiences, which limits their capacity ....

03 Apr 2016

Life Flat-sharing at 40: ‘The thought of owning property again is daunting’

The psychology of sharing a living space later in life is the subject of research by Dr Becky Spelman at the Private Therapy Clinic, alongside her peers in London and New York. She says, ‘This kind of living style has an initial impact on self-esteem for many. We have preconceptions that society will judge us negatively for not owning our home past the age of 40.’....

04 Apr 2016

4 Reasons Why The Relationship with Your Therapist is Important

It’s not uncommon to see therapists talking about how it is important that you, as a client, are comfortable with the therapist you have chosen or have been recommended. It does make a lot of sense, who wants to disclose their deepest thoughts with somebody that just isn’t a good fit for them? ....