Tuesday, 08 Mar 2016

Dr Lindsay Ip, Psychologist, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Couples and Family Therapist

By Private Therapy Clinic

Psychologist Dr Lindsay Ip discusses her clinical work, the types of clients she sees and what types of issues she can help people with. She understands that it can be an anxiety provoking experience when a client first comes to see her and therefore she has made this video to help clients know what to expect. In this video Lindsay discusses the type of approaches she uses and how she works collaboratively with her clients.

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08 Mar 2016

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01 Mar 2016

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Very kind and welcoming. Really appreciate their help.

Very good first session, it was nice to find someone who put me at my ease and valued my opinions and experiences.

I have been very impressed with the Private Therapy clinic. An assessment of my daughter for ADHD was made efficiently and caringly. I was even moved to start talking with a psychologist myself for the first time in many years - it's proving very interesting and yielding results already.

My therapist Dr. Akhter was very personable and welcoming-I felt very comfortable opening up to her in my initial assessment.

I had a dyslexia assessment with Dr Tamara Licht. She helped me identify and understand my difficulties which has been extremely helpful. She was caring and very professional at all times. My experience with the Private Therapy Clinic has been excellent and I would definitely recommend it to family and friends.